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Agent Tap



Earn cash by stopping thieves from stealing it and become a MILLIONAIRE! You are 'AGENT TAP' As the name suggests you have to tap on the thieves coming in to rob your cash. But beware! Even the policemen are on patrol! Don't tap on the police else you'll lose your game. Earn as much cash as possible in this game which will go on increasing in each game and stash your vault with millions of dollars! DASH as fast as you can! DODGE the oncoming trains! Help Agent Tap from the thieves and dodge the Inspectors/Police in their cartoon avatar * Cheerful graphics! * Simple game play * Free casual game you can play in trains * Lightning fast tap game play! * Challenge your friends on Google Play Leaderboard and become a millionaire or billionaire! Join the most daring chase! Millionaire? Billionaire? BILLIONAIRE! YES, you can be a BILLIONAIRE in Agent Tap just by simply tapping your way to glory! And just if you try more harder you can also go past being a Billionaire and become a Trillionaire!!!! So, are you ready for the challenge to become rich by dashing and smashing your way to glory? Join the action fun in this action packed game and feel the intensity of the casual action as you get into action mode to become rich. Agent Tap is on a mission to dash thieves and doing so protecting the money from them but beware! On this secret crusade you might also accidentally dash and smash the police. So, tap, dash and smash carefully. Use the Google Play Leader boards to compare your wealth with your friends. You get an option to compare your vault money or your level specific money. Do you have what it takes to be the No. 1 wealthiest person in Agent Tap? Simple, addictive and awesome! Download now!
Size: 16MB