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World Wild West



World Wild West is a casual, quick and easy social game with the theme of the Wild West. Your challenge in this old western like game is to become the fastest and most feared gunslinger in the world! With first-person perspective, challenge your friends and strangers to a duel of life and death and see who is the fastest on the trigger! BUILD YOUR REPUTATION WORLDWIDE! Put your name in the ranking of the best gunslingers and become the most wanted man in the world or die trying! If you prefer, run away and join the club of cowards... KEY FEATURES * Single player mode with three different scenarios to practice your aim and collect gold coins * 8 different weapons to improve your response time in the duels * Customize your character with lots of boots, hats, coats, mustaches and much more. Put fear in the hearts of opponents! * Facebook integration: invite and challenge your friends to a duel * Rankings: Be the best and put your name in cowboy's hall of fame if you can Remember be quick or be dead
Size: 53MB