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King Monkey Physics Puzzle



Help! The huge King Monkey has captured the princess and it's up to YOU to rescue her! Using your best logistics and physics skills get ready for a challenging and extremely addictive fun new game! Some of the main features include: -High quality professional graphics that will capture your eye and transport you to a mystical land! -Increasingly challenging levels that will keep you at the edge of your seat! -To play just tap on the object, even the princess, that you want to activate! Plan accordingly so that it lands safely and in a royal way! -Simple yet challenging game play... Perfect for everyone AND anyone!!! -With so many variables no two levels are alike! -Try to earn a higher score by catching royal stars along the way! -Excellent brain exercise... Proven beneficial for overall well being and staying young! The King Monkey is angry and climbing all the skyscrapers to take the princess far away! HELP!!! We need your courage and best physics skills to rescue her!
Size: 5MB