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Old Gun Madness



The struggling town is trapped in an native invasion. The goal is simple, pop the balloons, but the task not always easy! With increasingly addictive and intricate levels you will have to aim your bullets to explode the balloons. Using logistics and physics you will have to calculate and aim at the right angle to achieve success Every level increases the difficulty and there are different challenges and weapons, so watch out! The inhabitants are anxiously waiting to be released, please help! With amazing graphics and challenging levels, this game will have you hooked from the beginning! Are you up for the challenge? Get ready to encounter all sorts of obstacles along the way. With amazing graphics and a clever theme; you will not find a similar app out there! With a limited amount of taps, get rid of the balloons that contain chemical gases that can annihilate everyone in town. This game will have you hooked from the beginning! There are all sorts of obstacles, and as you progress in the game, so does the difficulty! With amazing graphics and effects, the fun is endless Every level gets more addicting, fun and challenging! Seems easy? Prove it!
Size: 5MB