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Farm Lab



We all hate getting dirty in the farm! But what we hate even more is when we cannot do our job properly. Think you could be a better putting eggs in the basket than the one in your neighborhood? prove it! In this particular game you have 3 animals that will help you in your mission. - The Cow (very heavy!) - The Pig (heavy!) - The chicken! (flies upwards!) - Secret elements will appear on each level! how to play? Tap on the animal that you want to use (from the bottom bar) and the tap where you want to release it Important: all levels have a solution, don't surrender! Email us if you think it doesn't and we will guide you on how to finish them. We are dealing with a very fancy farm, and we want to put all the eggs in the right destination, sometimes its a bucked or it may just an labyrinth exit With your amazing physics and logistics skills you will have to put the eggs in the right place. With amazing graphics and physics this game will have you hooked from the beginning! Using different tools like dynamite bombs, ropes, axes, knives, breakable wood, iron balls and much more the fun will be endless!
Size: 6MB