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Bingo Contest



It's everyone's favorite game; it's time to play B. I. N. G. O!!! Finally the perfect app for the young and the young at heart that love the classic and always fun game of bingo! Some of the main features of this amazing version of the classic game include: -Super cool professional graphics that will capture you and your eye from the start! -Extremely easy to use interface; perfect for everyone AND everyone! -Four different levels to engage everyone regardless of their expertise! -Want to increase the odds of winning? Play with up yo FOUR boards at the same time! You know the rules: listen to the numbers being called and fill your board before the other players do! Looking for the perfect way to disconnect for a while with a fun and reminiscing memories full game? THIS. IS. IT! Grab your board and let the adrenaline rush when you shout BINGOOOO!
Size: 36MB